I’ve always been drawn to geometric shapes and fractals - like the Golden Ratio and The Fibonacci sequence. They are pleasing to the eye but also make the viewer consider how the universe works; why are these structures found all over the natural world? The use of motion allows an audience to interact with some of the sculptures, making the viewer not only a participant, but also reflecting the inter-connectivity of art and light, materials and maker, and the nature of the fractals themselves. My biggest piece so far is about 5 feet tall, but I strive towards bigger and more expansive pieces to more deeply engage viewers, by catching people’s attention from far away, and bringing them into the depths of the geometry as they get closer.

I have a BA from Hampshire college in Photography and Anthropology, and extensive training in jewelry making from a number of venues including the Decordova Museum.  Post-college I worked as the Associate Director of a small non-profit arts collaborative, running teen photography programs.  During that period, I also took a lot of jewelry making classes at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education and Metalwerx.  When I left that job, I decided to immerse myself in the world of jewelry production and craft shows.  I worked for many years as a studio manager and production assistant for an established jeweler; and then went out on my own.  When the pandemic hit  - I didn’t have the usual hustle of craft fair after craft fair forcing me to think of which pieces were likely to sell. All of a sudden, I had the freedom to just make whatever I wanted. So I started to get bigger and bigger. 

Professional Memberships:

New England Sculptor's Association

Check out a cool interview where I talk about my process: https://vimeo.com/719116909