Sculpture to wear

Head over to my shop where you can view (and purchase) jewelry.  Pieces below are one-of-a-kind and/or already sold, and therefore not listed for sale. Feel free to contact me with questions.  My creations combine a sense of fun and purpose with essential interests from my past. As a kid, I wanted to be an architect when I grew up - now I make miniature buildings. I've always been drawn to mathematical concepts - now they inform my art, as in the miniature mobius strips and fractal jewelry I make. I have been a photographer for many years, accumulating piles of photographs that I could never throw away - now I chop them up and set them or transfer them to silver and etch their likenesses. I love texture, color and unusual forms. All of this comes together as "sculpture to wear" 

Bronze pendant with Amethyst

Landscape pendent: bronze, silver and titanium

Sterling silver, bronze and titanium

Titanium and Chrysocolla

Silver, copper and hematite

Sterling Silver and Chrysacolla


Rose Gold Plated with hematite


Sterling silver and Chrsycolla

Silver and carnelian

Titanium triangles

Silver, copper and titanium

Reticulated bronze and silver

copper and silver

Sterling silver and resin

bronze, titanium and chrysocolla

Bronze and silver

silver and copper

Titanium mobius strips

Etched copper and silver

Silver, copper and brass

Sterling silver and resin

Sterling silver and resin