These mobiles are fabricated in anodized titanium, stainless steel and bronze. Some of them contain jewelry elements that can be taken off the mobile and worn and then returned to the mobile to be part of the sculpture. The titanium and the stainless won’t change over time. The bronze will naturally oxidize and change over time. People often like the way the metal ages, but in order to bring back its shine, simply go over the surface with a small amount of steel wool. They are inspired by fractals and other geometric shapes and are lightweight, making them easy to hang. 

Circles Mobile: About 14" from top to bottom, 8" wide. With detachable earrings. $200

Pentagon Mobile: about 24" from top to bottom, 10" wide. With detachable earrings. Sold.

Cubes Mobile: About 18" from top to bottom, 6" wide. With detachable earrings. $300

Mobius Mobile: aluminum and stained glass. About 2 feet tall

Titanium and glass: 11" Tall by 9 1/2" Wide

Mobile: Anodized titanium with resin ball. About 11" W 

Mobile: Titanium and bronze: 8" W x 8" D

Mobile: Stainless steel and stained glass